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Brand: Miss Rose makeup fixer

Capacity: 100 ml with protective bottle packaging

Product: Makeup Fixer Spray

Finish type: Matte & Misty



  • Our ingredients, such as the hydrophobic silica, allow the skin to breathe and last for hours without reapplying. 
  • It is a long-lasting, lightweight mattifier that leaves your skin feeling fresh and glowy all day. It controls oil production to minimize shine on freshly applied makeup. 
  • Miss Rose Makeup Fixer revitalizes natural oils with rose extract to leave you feeling refreshed with a healthy-looking radiance.
  • A lifesaver when those hormonal breakouts ruin any other chance of a flawless complexion!
  • Miss Rose has got you covered fully. The natural ingredients in our makeup fixer don’t just control oil, and they also fight acne by gently exfoliating to ensure healthy-looking skin with a visibly improved texture. 

Benefits of Miss Rose Makeup Fixer

  • Get flawless staying power with a matte finish look.
  • It’s oil-free to keep your skin feeling fresh and healthy all day long.
  • This Makeup setting spray is the perfect fix for all of your makeup needs!
  • This fixer ensures that your face stays matte and shines free all day long.
  • Miss rose setting spray contains long-lasting sebum control performance to enable your skin to stay matte with a weightless and moisture-free finish that looks like natural dew on your face.



Explore our collection of Makeup products. Get your best look ever while maintaining healthy-looking skin with Miss Rose.


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