Dr Rashel Fade spot day cream 50g



Product: Dr. Rashel White Skin Fade Spots Day Cream
Brand Name: Dr Rashel
Capacity: 50g
Skin Texture: For all skin types

Dr Rashel Day Cream


Dr Rashel day cream reduces pigmentation, its light formula is clinically proven to even tone your skin. Furthermore, it gives an instant fair look and also acts as a sun blocker, protecting you from the scorching beams of the sun. It reduces dark spots and gives glowy skin.


◦ Highly Effective
◦ Gives Oil free look
◦ Quickly absorbing
◦ Reduce Dark Spots
◦ Discoloration for a brighter
◦ more radiant complexion
◦ Deliver intense hydration to soothe
◦ Repair and Hydrate skin overnight
◦ Natural ingredients work to reduce areas of Hyperpigmentation
◦ Easy to carry and can be used as a Sunscreen


First, wash your wash and dry it completely. Take a few amounts of moisture and apply it to your face every morning. Gently massage with your palm.

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